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To us, the difference between a chili dog and a Coney is like night and day! We take our sauce pretty seriously and we think you'll agree that it's second to none. With our perfect homemade blend of lean beef and tangy spices, mustard and onions, our conies have carved out a special place in Duluth's history. Once you tried them you'll know why!


Speaking of delicious, we also spent a couple decades perfecting the traditional Gyros sandwich. Thin, hand-cut slices of seasoned lamb and beef, piled on top of grilled pita bread with a couple of generous dollops of our homemade Tzatziki sauce. Get it fully dressed with sliced tomato and onion. It's quite the sandwich! And hey, don't take our word for it, ask around! They're the best in town!


Satisfy your appetite with our value meals

Combo 1: Bowl of soup, one coney & small soda


Combo #2: Two coneys, order of fries and large soda


Combo #3: One Gyro, order of fires and a large soda


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Coneys, Gyros, Burgers & Stuff…



Coney with Cheese


Double Coney


Double Coney with Cheese


Coney Burger


Coney Burger with Cheese


Double Coney Burger


Double Coney Burger with Cheese




Salad Bar


Grilled Cheese


French Fries


Potato Chips




Coney Sauce Pint


Coney Sauce Gallon


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Having an event? Place an order with us!
We can provide your food and beverages. Call for more details.


Coneys & Gyros

Since 1928


Homemade Soups & Chilli

Soup (Bowl)


Soup (Large)


Chili (Bowl)


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Soup of the Day!

Monday   Chicken Noodle

Tuesday  Broccoli

Wednesday  Wild Rice

Thursday Vegetable Beef

Friday  Cauliflower


Wash it all down

Coca-Cola Fountain (12 oz)


Coca-Cola Fountain (24 oz)


Coca-Cola (12 oz can)


POWERADE (20 oz bottle)


FUZE Tea ( 20 oz bottle)


MM Lemonade (20 oz bottle)


MM Orange Juice


DASANI .5 liter bottle




Milk (Small)


Milk ( Medium)


Milk ( Large)


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Malts, Sundaes & Sweets

Sweets for your Sweet Tooth

Malt & Shakes

Old fashioned, hard ice cream malts & shakes. Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Pineapple, Butterscotch


Ice Cream Sundae


Root Beer Floats




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